Parker will host vehicle-grid integration summit

On November 21.-22 this year, the Parker project will be hosting an international vehicle-grid integration summit, which also serves as the project’s end seminar.

The summit, which is titled ‘Vehicle-Grid Integration Summit – A Movement of Worldwide V2G Demonstrators’, is an exciting two-day event focusing on state-of-the-art Vehicle-Grid Integration projects. The reasons to attends are countless, and if you sign up (it’s completely free of charge), you will…

…Hear how V2G has successfully been tested on the newest models of electric vehicles – both in the lab and in the field

See and touch the technology – including cars and chargers – that can support the power system of tomorrow

Learn about the future of the technology and how it may scale – technically and economically – to support a power system based on renewables.

In addition to the results of the Danish projects, Parker and ACES, the two-day event will also feature leading experts and international projects within VGI and V2G research. For instance, one the keynote speakers is Willett Kempton, V2G guru and professor at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment at University of Delaware.

The summit will be kicked off by Mette Frederiksen, head of the Social Democrats, which is the biggest political party in Denmark. She will address the electrification of transportation in Denmark.

Sign up for the event here



Sign up for the event here