EVs can speed up digitalisation of the electricity sector

According to the Danish news media, Ingeniøren, the Norwegians’ enthusiasme for EVs poses major problems for the local electricity grid. With only few electric vehicles in comparison to Norway, Denmark has time to prepare the electricity grid for not only a rise in electric vehicles but a transformed electricity grid based on sustainable energy sources. Fortunately, progress is already being made through the Parker project. 

Recently, an analysis in Norway pointed out electric vehicles as having the primary responsibility for cables and transformer stations now needing to be expanded and strenghtened. The reason for this is that the Norwegian electricity grid is far from dimensioned to cope with the large number of electric vehicles in Norway. In Denmark, there are far less EVs which means there is time to develop new systems so data can be gathered and shared. Install the proper software in electricity meters, transformer stations, EVs and power stations, just as there is time to develop new business models where EV owners gain economically from making their vehicles available to the electricity grid.

Such development has already begun through the Parker project which is demonstrating how electric vehicles can support and stabilise the electricity grid.

Read the full article from Ingeniøren here (in Danish)