Why Mitsubishi Corporation participates in Parker

One of the unique characteristics about Parker is that International automotive brands, utilities and grid integration specialists come together to pave the way for a global rollout of V2G. Here, Mitsubishi Corporation Ltd. explains, why they are interested in V2G. 

“Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the largest trading and investment companies in Japan. The mission of our division is to look for new business in the environmental business field. One of the themes is lithium-ion battery for electrical vehicles or hybrid, and since 2010 we have been involved in vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-home or -building projects. For example together with Mitsubishi Motors, Endessa or Hitachi Corporation in a project in Malaga Spain. So in the Parker project, we provide knowhow and also business networks to this project.

Our final target is to commercialise V2G. So in this project, we like to study such potentials, and we try to collaborate with partners to expand those possibilities. We think the frequency regulation service will be the most promising and fast business within V2G. But in addition to that, we want to search for other potentials. Not only for TSOs, but for DSOs and also for other business industrial usage,” says Makoto Takeuchi, Assistant General Manager at Mitsubishi Corporation Ltd.