Vehicles and chargers are now connected

Parker’s fleet, which consist of four state-of-the art vehicles from Nissan, Mitsubishi and Groupe PSA, have arrived and have now been connected to the Enel 1.0 chargers in Parker’s test facilities.  

Parker’s fleet of vehicles consist of series produced state-of-the-art vehicles representing the three car manufactures Nissan, Mitsubishi and Groupe PSA, who are also partners in the project. The vehicles already have integrated V2G technology which means they represent the latest models within EVs and PHEVs.

Now, Parker stands before the next big milestone in the project – the test phase. The tests will take place in different laboratories located on the grounds of DTU Technical University of Denmark. One of these being  SYSLAB which is part of PowerLabDK.

Want to know more about Parker? The video underneath explains the purpose of the project in less than a minute.